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  • Bangladesh Jute & Commodity Exchange

    The Bangladesh Jute & Commodity Exchange is an affiliate of the Pride Group Dubai, UAE, which is Chaired by Her Excellency Sheikha Moaza Ubaid Suhail Al Maktoom...

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  • Membership at Bangladesh Jute & Commodity Exchange

    Membership Overview

    Membership of the Exchange is open to persons wishing to becoming members of the Exchange subject to their fulfilling requirements and criteria as specified by the Exchange.

    Members are admitted in the following categories:

    1. Clearing Member (CM)

    CM is a person/corporate who is admitted by the exchange as a member, conferring upon him a right to trade and clear through the Clearing House of the Exchange, as a Clearing Member. The CM has the right to execute transactions in the trading system of the exchange like Non-Clearing member. CM also has a right to clear the transactions in contracts executed in Bangladesh Jute & Commodity Exchange either for itself or on behalf of other Non-Clearing members.

    CM can appoint their sub-brokers, set up their branch offices and franchises. Members can charge brokerage or commission from their clients, as may be negotiated between them.

    The number of CM will be limited compared to that of NCM in Bangladesh Jute & Commodity Exchange . CM will be located in major towns and have banking accounts with the Designated Clearing Banks who have interface with Bangladesh Jute & Commodity Exchange

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  • Trading at Bangladesh Jute & Commodity Exchange

    Trading at Bangladesh Jute & Commodity Exchange

    To trade commodities, the seller has to bring his produce to Bangladesh Jute & Commodity Exchange warehouse for its quality checking and weighing. If the produce qualifies as per the contract specifications given by Exchange, the produce is stored in Exchange designated warehouse and the seller has the right to sell his produce by quoting his price in the Exchange terminal. Exchange will provide the storage facility till the commodity is sold as per the price quoted by the seller.

    • 1. Trading limits is allowed which may include trading limits with reference to Initial Margin deposit maintained with the Exchange;
    • 2. Limit the spread between the quotes for bids and offers with respect to
    • 3. Fixation of lots for trading at various levels
    • 4. Limits of intra day price variation
    • 5. Determine the types of trade permitted for the member to trade and security aspects order driven or quote driven;

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  • Career Opportunities

    Career Opportunities

    The employee culture at Bangladesh Jute & Commodity Exchange is progressive & adaptive. There is openness to new ideas and appetite for innovations. At Bangladesh Jute & Commodity Exchange, employees experience fast-paced work environment with an open communication from top to down. Bangladesh Jute & Commodity Exchange offers exciting and challenging career opportunities for ambitious & result oriented professionals.

    Bangladesh Jute & Commodity Exchange is continuously willing to enhance and enrich its workforce with people having relevant work experience or novice persons who are innovative, energetic and passionate.

    Compensation packages shall be most attractive and comparable with the best in the industry. Interested candidate meeting the above criteria may upload the resume below or email your resume to careers@bdcomex.com.bd.

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Membership Enquiry Form
Membership Enquiry Form
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Technology Operating on trading platform is analogous to trading in the actual physical commodity market where there is a physical trading floor.
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About Bangladesh Jute & Commodity Exchange (BDCOMEX)

About Bangladesh Jute & Commodity Exchange (BDCOMEX) The Bangladesh Jute & Commodity Exchange is the joint venture partnership between Pride Group Dubai, UAE and Deshbandhu Group, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Bangladesh Jute & Commodity Exchange (BDCOMEX) is a state-of the-art; professionally organized, structured and managed online commodity spot exchange marketplace for the rural farmers providing the facilities for risk and hassle-free trading of their produces.  Read more

Advantages of BDCOMEX

Advantages of BDCOMEX The Bangladesh Jute & Commodity Exchange has always initiated for the betterment of the farmers. It provides a host of benefits to a wide range of financial market participants. Read more